winter basics


{top: h&m, denim: zara, boots: nastygal, bag: hermes}

i definitely have some tendencies. like.. i tend to have a very hard time wearing colors outside of the black and white spectrum. i always gravitate towards them. it’s sweater season, and there is no sweater i love more than this chunky white one. It’s oversized and unbelievably comfy. paired with black everything, i could live in this outfit forever.








long lines


{coat: zara, dress: f21, boots: topshop}

if there’s ever a glimmer of an opportunity to wear a dress in the winter, i take full advantage of it. there was an ever slight moment right before the cold came in full force that you could do this. i’m not a very tall girl, actually i’m rather short. and wearing long dresses that go to or below your knee does nothing for me… but i just love the way they look and they’re oh so comfy! paired with black boots, this made the illusion of a long line and minimized the whole “shorty” thing – and that’s alright with me.







out with the old


{jacket: gap, top: zara, pants: topshop, boots: zara}

i’m always stunned by how much can change in a year. the time just flies right by. but when i stop to think about everything that has happened over the last year, it doesn’t feel fast at all. in 2015 i endured my first chicago winter, had surgery to repair a hand injury, traveled to four new countries and countless new cities, fell in love, gave up my platinum locks for some serious granny hair and developed an inappropriate obsession with meat and cheese plates. oh and jam. jam was my jam in 2015.

that being said, i came to a lot of realities this year as well.
reality #1 – with all the excitement of moving to a new city in 2014, it didn’t register to me how much i was giving up back home. this was the first year that i realized i probably won’t ever move back to houston. and when i finally settle down and have kids and grow a family of my own, they won’t have the same connection that i had growing up with my obnoxious cousins and my overbearing aunts and uncles.
reality #2 – i somehow found myself in a long distance relationship this year. never one for the easy route, i have been on more red-eye flights to boston than i can count. for the most part it doesn’t bother me, it’s not ideal but it’s not terrible. at least he lives in another major city – plus the seafood in chicago ain’t the best and it’s stellar in boston, so thank god for that! but this can’t go on forever and at some point in 2016, there’s going to be a turning point – whatever that may be.
reality #3 – i’m fucking allergic to raspberries. and i LOVE raspberries.

that being said, i’m so incredibly excited about 2016. all these realities will help me appreciate what i currently have and help shape the mold of, hopefully, a wonderful and equally eventful new year.

so happy new year to you and yours!! what are you guys looking forward to most this year?







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