platinum blonde ambition


{sweater: h&m, skort: zara, heels: zara, bag: kate spade}

surprise surprise! if you’ve been following me on my instagram, you’ll know i took the plunge a couple weeks ago and went platinum blonde! i’ve been slacking a little bit on the blog, but i promise i’m back, shorter and blonder than ever!

i’ve been contemplating this change for a couple months now. i kept racking my brain – is it worth the maintenance, will it even look good? terrible images of blonde import models kept funneling through my head. i was incredibly nervous about doing this, and kept having to tell myself… well, you can always dye it back. but, i have no regrets about my decision! and hopefully you don’t either =)

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becoming a chicagoan – pt 2


this post is long overdue! i’ve been so overworked i can barely breathe!! i had intended to post this friday, so my apologies for any delays. my work life balance as of late has been nonexistent. but, i’m working at a job that i absolutely love, and although the hours may be crazy and i’m seriously losing sleep, i honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. i honestly am becoming quite the chicagoan.

chicagophotodiary2_02 chicagophotodiary2_04 chicagophotodiary2_08 chicagophotodiary2_10 chicagophotodiary2_12 chicagophotodiary2_14 chicagophotodiary2_15 chicagophotodiary2_16 chicagophotodiary2_18 chicagophotodiary2_20 chicagophotodiary2_22 chicagophotodiary2_24 chicagophotodiary2_26 chicagophotodiary2_28 chicagophotodiary2_30 chicagophotodiary2_32 chicagophotodiary2_34 chicagophotodiary2_36 chicagophotodiary2_38

becoming a chicagoan – pt 1


acclimating to a new city that is completely different from your home can be quite the task. so far, it’s been a wild adventure and i’m loving every minute of it. and the most shocking part? chicago’s unpredictable weather is slowly starting to not surprise me. here is part one of two of my journey here. i’ll be sharing the second part of my photo diary later this week.

chicagophotodiary2_01 chicagophotodiary2_03 chicagophotodiary2_05 chicagophotodiary2_06 chicagophotodiary2_07 chicagophotodiary2_09 chicagophotodiary2_11 chicagophotodiary2_13 chicagophotodiary2_15 chicagophotodiary2_17 chicagophotodiary2_19 chicagophotodiary2_23 chicagophotodiary2_25 chicagophotodiary2_27 chicagophotodiary2_33 chicagophotodiary2_37

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