sundown in redang


dress: zara, shoes: birkinstocks

life has been quite a blur lately. i’ve been slacking a little bit on the blog, but i’m doing my best to get back on track. in the last 30 days, i think i’ve been on  10 flights, give or take. i can barely tell what time or day it is lately. it was definitely hard to keep track of time and space on redang island. everything was so scenic, time seemed to blur into itself. i would give anything to spend another day there.

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island life pt 1


swimsuit by kovey

the downside of going to a remote island is that the journey is long and tedious. you spend most of your day getting out there hoping it’s all worth it. but when you finally make it to that remote island – it is almost always worth it. it was no easy feat getting to redang island in malaysia, but once we were there, it felt like we had the island to ourselves. most tourists stay at the populated resorts closest to the city for convenience. but never, ever, ever have i seen water so crystal clear that you literally felt like you were in a giant swimming pool. so yes, it was no easy task getting to redang, but i would do it again in a heartbeat.

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journey to redang


top: uo (similar here), shorts: uo, sandals: birkenstocks

 malaysia is actually quite well known for their beaches. this was the one thing i was most excited about. we chose to visit redang island, which required quite the trek to get there. it took a little more than half a days journey to get there. one propeller plane, two cabs, a ferry ride and a short bus trip later, we finally landed on the most beautiful island i’ve ever been on in my entire life.

journeytoredang_02 journeytoredang_03 journeytoredang_04_2 journeytoredang_04 journeytoredang_05 journeytoredang_06 journeytoredang_08 journeytoredang_09 journeytoredang_10 journeytoredang_11

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