singapore jungle


 tshirt: h&m, skirt: zara, sneakers: nike, sunglasses: rayban

after my stint in malaysia, we stopped in singapore for two glorious days. i can’t stress this enough – i. love. singapore. this was my second time there, and i was so excited. i heard nothing but great things about the singapore zoo, and it definitely did not disappoint. never had i been to a place so unexpectedly green and scenic (i’ll be sharing more in my next photo diary). after spending a week and a half traveling all over, i just wanted to be comfortable. i’m not sure how i feel about this outfit, but it’s borderline sloppy, but it sure was comfortable.

singaporejungle_02 singaporejungle_03 singaporejungle_04 singaporejungle_05 singaporejungle_06 singaporejungle_07 singaporejungle_08

malaysia photo diary


there are moments you experience in your life where you stop, look around and can’t believe everything around you is real. this is how i felt for most of my time in malaysia. this was a whole new country  i’ve never seen, yet there was an inexplicable feeling of warmth and comfort being here. this happens to me every time i’ve visited asia. it’s not home, but there’s something about all the culture and heritage that feels like it. here’s my extensive diary from one of the best countries i’ve ever visited.

malaysiaphotodiary_02 malaysiaphotodiary_03 malaysiaphotodiary_04 malaysiaphotodiary_05 malaysiaphotodiary_06 malaysiaphotodiary_07 malaysiaphotodiary_08 malaysiaphotodiary_09 malaysiaphotodiary_10 malaysiaphotodiary_11 malaysiaphotodiary_12 malaysiaphotodiary_13 malaysiaphotodiary_14 malaysiaphotodiary_15 malaysiaphotodiary_16 malaysiaphotodiary_17 malaysiaphotodiary_18 malaysiaphotodiary_19 malaysiaphotodiary_20 malaysiaphotodiary_21 malaysiaphotodiary_22 malaysiaphotodiary_23 malaysiaphotodiary_24

island life part 2


swimsuit: c/o kovey

if life is but a dream, i lived it in redang island.

islandlife2_02 islandlife2_03 islandlife2_04 islandlife2_05 islandlife2_06 islandlife2_07 islandlife2_08 islandlife2_09 islandlife2_10 islandlife2_11 islandlife2_12 islandlife2_13 islandlife2_14

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